Repair Services (Electro Mechanical)

  • LT Motors service up to frame size of 500.
    • Rewinding, Repair, Over Hauling, Servicing, Re-Designing, Re-furbishing & Retro Fitting
    • Body Repair, Shaft Replacement, Re-Stacking of core & Shaft metallizing.
    • Dynamic Balancing
    • Site Servicing
  • Repairs of Lifting Magnets, Suspension Magnets, Traction Motors.
  • Repairs of Servo Motors, Spindle & Drives.

  • Overhauling

    • Once the machines have arrived at the factor they would be tested and analyzed. Further they would be assembled by installing new parts on the basis of analysis. Finally machines are tested according to the specification & supplied to the clients.

  • Winding & Rewinding

    • We manufacture complete or partial Generators & Electric Motors as per specifications & drawings of the client.

      • AC Motors
      • Alternators
      • Wire Harness