Wire Harness

Wire Harness is a string of wires which transmits information signals or operating currents in a machine just as nervous system in a body. By binding many wires into a bunch systematically, the wire can be better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions, temparrature & moisture.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • State of the art CNC wires cutting, stripping, seal insertion, crimping with crimp quality monitor.
  • Digital push pull load tester for crimping.
  • Ultra sound welding for splice.
  • Assembly &amo; testing jigs.
  • Harness tester with integrated lable printer.

Engineering Capabilities For
Wiring Harness

  • Design, Develop & Validate Wiring Harness.
  • Design & Fabricate Jigs, Fixtures.
  • Assembly & Circuit checking boards.

Wire Harness for various applications like:

  • Automobile sector: Buses, Trucks, LCVs, Cars, Construction equipments & two/three wheelers.
  • Elevator Lifts & Excavator.
  • Control panel for machines.
  • Home appliances: Refrigerator, Mixer, Washing Machine, etc.,
  • Electronic Industries.
  • Aviation Industries.