An Armature is one of the key parts in rotating machinery, generally it is a rotating mass with systematic arrangement of conductors culminated at the commutator & electrically joined to produce motoring or generating action.

Manufacturing Facility

  • State of the art fully Automated Manufacturing facility for Armatures (Used mainly for Starter Motors & Power Tools).
  • CNC controlled Induction welding Machine.
  • Automated Varnishing Station.
  • CNC Controlled Balancing Machine.

Some of the Assembly Line Stations

  • Paper Flaring
  • Hair pin forming
  • Shaft & Stack Pressing
  • Varnishing
  • Twisting
  • Commutator r/o Measurement
  • Welding Station
  • Tinning
  • Ring Pressing
  • Slot Insulation
  • Commutator Pressing
  • Electrical testing