Contract Manufacturing / Reverse Engineering

Manufacture of Complete or Partial Electric motors & Generators as per Drawings & Specifications of the client OEM with all the Raw Materials & testing as per their Protocols/ IE Standards.

LT Coils supply service for upto 500 frames

  • Stator Coils
  • Diamond Coils
  • Rotor Coils/Rotor Bars
  • Armature Coils
  • Roebel Bars
  • Field Coils
  • Inter Pole Coils
  • Strip on Edge Wound Coils
  • Specialty Coils

Designing & Reverse Engineering

  • We undertake Reverse Engineering project to develop Motor/Alternator & Wire Harness by studying the sample or the specification.
  • Based on the study, drawings are created to match the requirement.
  • Once the drawings are freezed, the prototypes are manufactured & after trail testing & approval of customer, regular production starts.